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One Polish queer migrant feminist's journey

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Queer feminist map of London

The other day, somebody I know posted a question about our favourite places in London on a Polish feminist social media forum, and I...

Chalking rainbows as a crime?

If you thought the blog title was a provocation, I'm afraid I'm going to have to disappoint. It was very much inspired by true events. In...

Queer utopias, hope and future

After over a year of the pandemic and lockdowns, there might be at least one thing we can all agree on - it has been a very strange year,...

Feminist travels in times of pandemic

Last night I made a virtual trip to Berlin's anarcha-queer feminist space, Liebig 34 (courtesy of North West Film Forum, Queer Zine...

The Power of QueerStory

This story was first written for and read at Queer Freedom Everywhere in Soho Square, 1st Sept 2020. 'Does anyone remember when Bialystok...

Being Queer, Polish & Human

On the 12th July, the homophobic Polish president got re-elected for another term. On the 18th, we protested outside the Polish Embassy...

The myth of queer unhappiness

A friend of mine sent me an interesting article this morning. It was a beautiful read. But its hypothesis that queer writing is somehow...


This post was originally written in 2019, freshly after the disturbing events of July in my home town of Białystok, Poland. I'm Polish. I...

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